Review Guidelines

To ensure that everyone finds useful information on, you have to follow certain rules.
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  1. Only customers are allowed to post reviews!

    Reviews are only useful if they have been posted by real customers or users of a business or website. You are therefore only allowed to write a review if you within the last 12 months:

    • have purchased a product or service from a company, an organisation, a web service, etc.
    • have placed an order with the Company with an intention to buy
    • were not able to perform a purchase due to technical issues, but had the intention to buy, or
    • can otherwise document your use of the Company's service.

    As tempting as it may be, if you're the business owner, employee, friend, relative or a peer of the company, you are not allowed to post a review. This also concerns reviews from employees of subsidiaries, sister and parent companies. In addition, if you're a former employee or competitor, you are not allowed to post a review either. Reviews from users that have a biased (positive or negative) relationship to a company are useless to consumers. We consider these reviews as fake and will take the necessary actions to either remove or flag them.

  2. Only one user account per person!

    Creating multiple user accounts to write several reviews for the same company is prohibited and we will remove them. Every two months you can post another review about the company if the new review describes a new transaction (e.g. order, booking, etc.). It is prohibited to post several reviews about the same experience as it doesn't add new value to other consumers.

  3. Describe your customer experience!

    Feel free to review a company positively or negatively and help other consumers make informed decisions when shopping online. The better you describe your experience, the more useful it is to others.

    At we only collect reviews about the overall experience of doing business with a company. Many companies sell the same products and the company reviews will help consumers select the company, they trust the most. If your review solely describes a product or the functionality of a website, we will ask you to revise your review so that it includes a description of the company's service levels as well.

    Political, ethical or religious opinions are not useful to other consumers making buying decisions. Therefore, we will ask you to revise your review. If you decide not to follow our guidelines, we will remove your review.

  4. Review recent transactions

    Reviews concerning orders or bookings that occurred more than 12 months ago are outdated and are not a good indicator for a company's current service levels. Therefore, you can only review events that occurred within the past 12 months.

  5. Focus on the company reviewed only!

    Including links or references to companies other than the company being reviewed is prohibited. If you are happy (or unhappy) with the service of another company, post a positive (or negative) review on their company profile.

  6. Be fair, use the right tone and stick to the facts!

    Even though you had a bad experience and you're very frustrated, you have to be fair and use appropriate language when posting comments. Constructive feedback makes your message much stronger, too.

    Keep in mind that you can be held liable for the content you post on You are entitled to voice your opinion but when it comes to facts, you have to stick to the truth. We will ask you to revise inappropriate, obscene, threatening, defamatory and unlawful content. If you decide not to cooperate, your review will be removed.

  7. Don't publish any private information!

    Your name will be published together with your review. Respect your own and other people's privacy and don't post any private information such as full names, email addresses, phone numbers, credit card details or similar. This applies for names of employees of the company being reviewed and names of employees as well.