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Reviewed on Thu, 09/10/2014 - 15:04
"Long waiting time, but good service!"

As I was working on my laptop, it suddenly started flashing an error message ‘Blue Screen of Death’. It was really scary. I discussed about the same with my friend and she asked me to call iyogi for instant help and gave me their toll-free number. I started trying their toll-free number, but even after trying for an hour, the call did not get connected. It was really frustrating, however, the moment I decided to stop trying them, the call got connected and one of their technician responded. The technician took the remote desktop connection and fixed the problem then and there itself. It was a good treat after waiting for such a long time. I was relieved and thanked the technician for being such a big help!

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Reviewed on Thu, 25/09/2014 - 19:00
"Good Service but Long Waiting Time!"

My office presentation was due the very next day, so I was rushing to finish it off as soon as possible. Amidst all the rush, my laptop started crashing for no reason. It was a great annoyance for me when my brother stepped in and asked me to call iyogi. I called these people and what I got was just phone ringing and apparently nobody to pick it up. I was about to hang up when a technician took my call. He listened to my issue and took remote access of my laptop. In quite some time, my laptop was back to its normal working condition. Though I faced annoyance initially when my call went unattended, but their service was good.

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Reviewed on Fri, 19/09/2014 - 13:20
"iYogi Technical Support: Instant service provider for technical"

iYogi has been a savior for me, especially for those times when my PC or my printer started facing technical glitches. I have been associated with iyogi for nearly one year and till date, it has been a great service provider. Whether my OS has to be upgraded or my driver has to be replaced, iyogi has always been there for my help.

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Reviewed on Tue, 09/09/2014 - 19:40
"Timely service but few petty annoyances"

I’ve tried iyogi tech support service for quite a few times. No doubt they’re really quick at resolving the issues, but afterwards they really try to convince you the hard way to avail more of their services even if you don’t need it at that moment. This has been an annoying factor for me. But, so far, their service is quite reliable and instant as long as they are not pressing your wrong buttons to buy their products and services.

1 review
Reviewed on Thu, 04/09/2014 - 18:02
"not-so-quick but reliable tech support....."

I was really mad at my PC when my friend stepped in and asked me to go for iyogi online tech support service. It was my first experience with those people and their technician proved to be very helpful. Though, he was a bit slow in resolving the issue (3 whole hours, like seriously?) but he was helpful and patient throughout. This is one big reason that I would like to avail their services once again, if my PC starts behaving mad in future. Everything is good except the time they take to resolve the issue.

1 review
Reviewed on Thu, 28/08/2014 - 18:51
"Thanks iYogi for the amazing tech support service!"

I was doing an important assignment on PC when it crashed all of a sudden. I was very frustrated when my brother asked me to call up iYogi tech support and avail their service. At first, I wasn’t sure if they’d be able to help me quickly but when I called up and spoke to their local technician, I was assured that they will. He took remote assistance of my PC and fixed it within few minutes. I’m really thankful to iYogi for being so helpful in critical times. Thanks iYogi!

1 review
Reviewed on Tue, 19/08/2014 - 20:36
"Thanks for the stupendous service, iYogi"

I was working on an important presentation on my laptop, when suddenly it became unresponsive. Being a tech geek I resolved the issue on my own and my laptop got back to the normal working condition. After few days, the problem recurred. That’s when I realized that it has reached to a level that is incomprehensible for me. That’s when I tried iYogi online tech support after hours of looking for a reliable tech support company. My call got connected to their local tech expert and he took remote assistance of my laptop. In just half n’ hour, my laptop was working amazingly. I’m really thankful to iYogi technicians for the genuine effort and dedication, which they put in their work.

1 review
Reviewed on Tue, 12/08/2014 - 18:37
"Thank you iYogi for your dedicated service!"

My PC was working excellently until one day when it began restarting constantly on its own for no reason. Before I began worrying, my elder son came in and on hearing the problem, he asked me to contact iYogi tech support on their toll free number. I called them up and got connected to their local tech expert. On hearing my problem, he asked me to let him remotely access my PC. I was a bit apprehensive, but eventually agreed given to my son’s affirmation. He took remote access of my PC and brought it back to its normal working condition in merely ten minutes. I am really happy with the way they deal with technical glitches and offer quick resolution. Thank you, iYogi!

1 review
Reviewed on Tue, 05/08/2014 - 16:56
"Thank you iYogi for rendering the world-class service!"

I have availed iYogi services before and it has always been a wonderful experience. So, this time too when there was some technical glitch with my computer’s CPU, I called up iYogi tech support at once. After their tech expert discussed the situation in detail with me, he took the remote access of my computer system and fixed it within half n’ hour. He gave me few handy tips to rescue myself from falling in to any sort of technical glitch again on days like these. I really appreciate the effort they put in delivering the standard service. Thanks iYogi!

1 review
Reviewed on Thu, 31/07/2014 - 17:55
"Thank you iYogi for the wonderful service!"

Being a tech buff, I never really got into any alarming tech problem as I used to fix all the technical glitches on my computer system. But lately my computer was acting weird and I was unable to comprehend the reason behind it. That’s when I started looking for some reliable online tech support company and luckily bumped in to iYogi. Yes, I would say I was lucky to hit the right spot. I contacted them and their technicians skillfully assessed the error in my computer. They successfully diagnosed the problem and fixed it in barely an hour. Thank you iYogi for such an amazing and quick service!

1 review
Reviewed on Tue, 29/07/2014 - 17:41
"Try iYogi’s tech support service during severe technical glitche"

I never really tried online tech support since I was drowned in the opinions of certain other people who told me that it’s a fraud and the online tech service providers don’t really resolve your issues, instead they create more. But, there was this one day which changed my perception regarding online tech support providers. My PC was down with severe security breach and it was behaving quite abnormally. I discussed the issue with my friend and he asked me to go for iYogi online tech support service. At first, I was a bit apprehensive but then I thought of giving it a shot. I called iYogi tech expert and sought assistance for my PC issue. He took remote assistance of my PC and fixed it within half n’ hour. He also gave me few tips so that I don’t have to undergo such issue in near future. Thanks iYogi for all that help!

1 review
Reviewed on Thu, 24/07/2014 - 19:45
"iYogi: A reliable and affordable tech support!"

I was working on my laptop when my toddler emerged out of nowhere and pressed many keys on the keyboard simultaneously. This brought all the processes to a halt then and there. I didn’t have enough patience to take it to the computer repair centre, which is located a bit far from my home. So, this time, I decided to take online tech support. I searched for them online and bumped into iYogi. I called them and spoke to their technician. He took charge of my laptop through remote assistance and within minutes, it was working soundly as before. I’m really grateful to you iYogi. Thank you!

1 review
Reviewed on Fri, 18/07/2014 - 17:13
"Thank you iYogi for the immense tech support"

I was helping my son in his school homework over the weekend when my PC crashed suddenly and that too in a haphazard way. I didn’t have any time then to take my PC to any local repair shop. So, I thought of going for online technical support this time. I found iYogi technical support on the web and called them up. Their proficient and helpful tech expert diagnosed the issue behind my PC’s unexpected crash and fixed it within few minutes through remote assistance. It was my first experience with online tech support and it went really well. All thanks to iYogi!

1 review
Reviewed on Thu, 17/07/2014 - 17:36
"Get quality tech support from iYogi"

Have you ever tried going for online technical support for technical issues with your PC? It’s quite obvious that you would not have approached any online tech support due its reliability and price. However, with iYogi at your assistance for 24x7 throughout a year, you do not need to worry about its authenticity and reliability. I have been associated with iYogi for almost 2 years and till date, I haven’t faced any issue against them. Their service is awesome, but you might find their service charges bit high. But if you are getting quality service at your doorstep, then price shall not be an issue for you. So, if you need any technical solution for your tech products, call iYogi for instant tech support. For me, iYogi would always be the best.

1 review
Reviewed on Wed, 16/07/2014 - 14:51
"Great tech support from iYogi!"

I never opted for online tech support service due to my lack of faith in them, until one day when I happened to bump in to iYogi. I didn’t have enough time to take my unresponsive laptop to the local computer repair centre. So, one of my neighbors asked me to contact iYogi. At first, I was a bit apprehensive but then I called them up and spoke to their tech expert. He was a friendly and helpful guy who assessed and repaired my laptop through remote assistance within few minutes. Moreover, he simplified things for a layman like me. Thank you iYogi for being there!

1 review
Reviewed on Mon, 07/07/2014 - 13:59
"iYogi – affordable online tech support company"

Finding a reliable online tech support provider is surely a tedious thing to do. In fact, when one of my friends recommended iYogi for quick tech help, I simply ignored. But, in the last week, when my PC broke down all of a sudden while working on some important projects, I had no other option than contacting iYogi via its toll-free number. Since, I was unable to diagnose the problem, so the technician demanded a remote service. It was like a magic happening inside your PC. The technician smartly accessed my PC and diagnosed problems and provided quick fixes to them. That was really amazing. Thanks iYogi!

1 review
Reviewed on Thu, 12/06/2014 - 17:43
"Outstanding Support from iYogi"

I was never the kind of person who would put his faith in online tech support, no matter how much the companies boast of their great technical assistance. But this time when my laptop became unresponsive when an important presentation was due in next few hours, I decided to call iYogi tech support, since I was short of options at that time. But wow, what a wonderful experience that was! The tech expert not only fixed my laptop through remote assistance, but also simplified technical things for me. I’m really thankful to iYogi and the great tech support, which they offer.

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