How do I write a review?

  1. Search for the company in the search box
  2. Click Review Company
  3. Enter your Order ID if requested
  4. Choose a number of stars and write your review
  5. Click post your review now if you are logged in already
  6. If you are not logged in, then accept the Terms & Conditions and post by logging in with your email address
  7. If you do not have a TrustedCompany.com account please click on "Sign up" to create an account on TrustedCompany.com (your review will be saved)

How do I know that the reviews are not fake?

We make sure that only authentic reviews are posted onto the site while fake reviews get busted. While our team monitors all reviews closely, users are also able to report any review that may look suspicious by clicking on "Report Review". Consequently, the alledged review will be put under quarantine and thoroughly checked by our staff.

Can companies have bad reviews deleted?

No. TrustedCompany.com will never delete any bad reviews on request of a company. However, TrustedCompany.com reserves the right to delete reviews that violate our Review Guidelines.

Why does a company with many negative reviews suddenly receive many positive ones?

This can possibly occur once a company starts to actively invite all their recent customers. While unsatisfied customers are likely to submit their reviews right away, satisfied customers tend to be more reserved unless they are invited to share their experience.

Are companies allowed to collect reviews from selected customers only?

No. The TrustedCompany.com Terms of Use require companies to invite all of their customers equally to write a review after having done a transaction. Should any company violate the Term of Use, we reserve the right to cancel their contract.

Why may I be asked for an Order ID when reviewing a company?

In order to prevent badmouthing and fake reviews we may require an Order ID to verify that a user is actually a customer of the company.

Can companies prevent any specific users from posting a review?

No. Any user that is actually able to prove to be a customer by providing an order ID can post a review of the company they purchased from.

I have recently written a review and it does not appear on the company's review page

If a review does not comply with our Review Guidelines it may be reported by other users and put under quarantine to be evaluated by our team. Only if the review proves to violate our Review Guidelines it will be deleted permanently.

After writing a negative review I have received a notice saying my review will enter a mediation process

Most companies try hard to satisfy their customers. Should, however, something go wrong leaving a customer like you unsatisfied, we offer companies a quick and easy way to reach out to the customer. A representative of the company will then try to solve the dispute in a dialogue with the customer and and a neutral member of the TrustedCompany.com team. After 14-day it is up to the customer to either alter his review - should his perception of the company have changed - or submit it the way it was before.

Can I write multiple reviews for one company?

To prevent fake reviews, we only allow users to review a company once. However, should your perception of a company change after having posted a review, you can edit your review any time for the better or worse.

Do I need to take anything into account before writing a review?

Reviews can be very helpful to other consumers, as long as they are honest and stick to the facts. When writing a review, keep in mind that it should always reflect your experience in an accurate way. Concentrate on the main points of your experience and state your opinion in a fair way. If in doubt, please have a look at our Review Guidelines, which ensure that everyone can benefit from TrustedCompany.com