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Reviewed on Wed, 28/02/2018 - 16:41

Someone used my email address to create an account and made a purchase. I tried to reach them through email and phone. btw, their website customer support and help sucks BIG time. After a few months not having weird purchase confirmation sent to my email, I got it again yesterday. I called [private info removed] and the lady asked my name/email address. I didnt even finished talking yet and she cut me, giving much defense as of what might happen. Honestly, I do not care what happened behind the scene, all I want is for Lazada to fix it. I am so pissed that she was so concern about closing the account at Lazada. I never purchase anything from Lazada, do not plan to and most certainly will never buy anything from Lazada! She just said okay (delete the account) and hung up on me. What a crappy staff seriously. She didn't even ask which account or my email address. And I have to pay to call them. Not worth my money at all.

Review written for: Lazada.co.id