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  • ANG
    1 review
    Reviewed on: 02 May, 2014

    "Very poor services, irresponsible customer service!"

    My item should be delivered to me mid of April. I need it badly before end of April. Tried many ways to contact customer service, at last, they replied. But the people in charge just simply say will deliver before end of April. Day by day, I still not receive it. Emailed and contact them numerous time. They just keep cheating me and at the end, disappear as well... Really disappointed with it.

  • Brandon HL
    1 review
    Reviewed on: 16 Aug, 2014

    "excellent delivery service"

    i bought a LG smartphone from them. Although they kept me waiting for some days yet i feel satisfied with their delivery service which kept my phone in good condition all time. Besides,not like others company,lazada gave me a free call before my stock being delivered and i was impressed by their punctuality. I will definitely buy more goods from them as i feel safe and confident with their professional services.

  • Deshwinder Nanua
    1 review
    Reviewed on: 18 May, 2015

    "Fantastic smooth transaction from browsing till delivery"

    Lazada is a fantastic online site because their prices are cheaper than others. I have bought a HD car camera,a 16 gb memory card,2 gaming mouses,2 Lenovo smartphones from them with no problems whatsoever the packing is fantastic 4 layers of protection for the smartphones and all the items are original and in excellent condition I will definitely buy from them again :)

  • Sharmaini Murugesan
    3 total reviews
    Reviewed on: 08 Aug, 2014

    "Never failed to disappoint"

    I have been shopping on Groupon ever since it was launched! They offer the best deals and they understand what consumers need, which I feel is most important! The best part of Groupon Malaysia is that their customer support is wonderful, and ever-ready. They address the consumers problems so well and handle everything beautifully. I would continue supporting them, most definitely!

  • CK Chong
    1 review
    Reviewed on: 18 Aug, 2014

    "easy to navigate with many varieties at a remarkable bargain "

    i get to know of Reebonz from a friend who has given impressive compliments of her multiple purchases from the website. at first thought, is it safe to buy a luxury branded wallet worth thousands of ringgit online? taking a step back and googling reviews from experienced shoppers...discounted bargains of luxury products top with free shipping and free returns, why not?

  • Hemant
    2 total reviews
    Reviewed on: 03 Sep, 2014

    "Awesome Delivery Service - Flipkart Rocks!!"

    After a lot of research i finalized this device as my choice and then without second thought i ordered if from another online site for much lower price than flipkart. I have been using the Nokia Lumia device from past 20 days. Ordered on 13th August, Got on 14th August. Awesome service flipkart considering most sellers do not ship to my location.

  • praveen rodda
    2 total reviews
    Reviewed on: 09 Apr, 2015

    "Thieves out there.."

    Had a very bad experience with snapdeal. bought some items from snapdeal for which they sent only few items and refunded the balance amount as sd cash. the[inappropriate content removed]put an expiry date to this sd cash and robbed the money as i didn't notice the expiry date. these people are thieves. beware and dont waste your hard earned money.

  • Atul Pandey
    2 total reviews
    Reviewed on: 14 Apr, 2015

    "All the brands, but prices a bit high"

    I've ordered a few things from these guys. Mainly clothes, but no footwear. I really liked their website when it was available, but now it's gone :( The selection of products is great, but the prices are on the higher side. Especially compared to Bhaap, Jabong and some others. Would've given them 5 stars except for the prices and the fact that they force me to shop on my mobile.

  • Jessie Yeo
    13 total reviews
    Reviewed on: 04 Jul, 2015

    "Bad & SLow Customer Service"

    I have both good and bad experience with Airasia. Well sometime they are the cheapest airlines around, however, sometime, with the cheap ticket, customer are not appreciated at all. I made a complaint and was not given a solution. Received a survey, fill it up with some feedback / complaint. No follow up i can. The respond just gone like a wind.

  • Ashutosh Sharma
    1 review
    Reviewed on: 19 Feb, 2014

    "A cool experience With Infibeam"

    I bought Few products from infibeam . Its shipping time is very fast and products are well packed . They always come with good & heavy discount & offers too. Recently I ordered D & Y shirt which is at awesome price along with Free watch . Customer support is good . I didn’t need to return anything yet as received items are fine . Overall a good experience with Infibeam . Will surely buy from Infibeam In future .

    1 review
    Reviewed on: 03 Jul, 2015

    " Best in class"

    Purchased this sunglass and wearing it on daily basis when riding a bike. They didn't mention about the lens' material, I think it is polycarbonate. It is lightweight and trendy. The color of the lens is slightly darker in shade than it appears on the picture. UV protection, polarized glass, stylish, lightweight and above all it's a value for money purchase.

  • Sai Decors
    2 total reviews
    Reviewed on: 19 Jun, 2015

    "Very professional"

    Being an interior designer i know about the commitment to the customers... i appreciate fabfurnis for delivering the product in the prompt time.. i had decorated with the received product and now our client is happy with the modular kitchen.. Thanks for your support

  • riri widariyanto
    1 review
    Reviewed on: 13 Jun, 2015

    "Lenovo A7000"

    Baca dari pengalaman sebelumnya, buat yg mw beli di lazada jadi takut ya. emang sih nasib orang beda2. tapi kalo ana aman2 aja tuh. kemarin ikut Flashsale lazada beli Lenovo A7000 aman2 aja. 3 hari langsung nyampe kok, lokasi di medan via lazada express. so, yg penting itu teliti sebelum membeli. dan berdoa supaya segala sesuatunya lancar. selamat berbelanja :D

  • Febriandi Yusuf
    1 review
    Reviewed on: 16 Feb, 2015


    Beberapa minggu yang lalu saya pesan Gitar dari semarang. Proses ny sangat mudah, tampilan site untuk produk n seller nya sangat informatif. Sampai saat ini belom ada kendala sih. dari barang yang ukuran kecil sampai gede. biasa ny sih yang buat agak pusing ya kurir ny lama banget proses ny. tapi untuk tokopedia sendiri top banget deh.

  • mrg0dz1ll4
    19 total reviews
    Reviewed on: 13 Nov, 2013

    "Rajanya IT Indonesia"

    Bhinneka itu pioner situs penjualan produk-produk IT di Indonesia. Jadi bisa kebayangkan klo dah senior banget. Dulu penampilannya masih biasa banget tapi sekarang dah keren banget sob. Bener-bener berkelas banget dah mana ada fitur tawar lagi sekarang. Dari stoknya komplit banget semua produk IT khusunya yang branded ada. Klo dari segi harga memang rada standar tapi dari kemudahan berbelanja Bhinneka jelas nomer 1.

  • erichi megumi
    1 review
    Reviewed on: 23 Apr, 2015

    "Pelayanan zalora memuaskan"

    Udah 3 kali belanja di Zalora, belanja sangat mudah bagi pekerja yang tinggal jauh dari pusat kota dan tidak sempat lagi untuk belanja keluar, menawarkan produk yang original (tidak palsu), ditambah lagi diskon untuk beberapa barang, respon cepat. pengiriman barang pun termasuk cepat untuk kategori wilayah saya yang jauh dari pusat kota.

  • Athirah Hartika Abdullah
    1 review
    Reviewed on: 02 Jul, 2015

    "Mudah dan Cepat"

    Saya sangat senang melakukan booking tiket/hotel di karena untuk segala proses booking tiket dan hotelnya sangat mudah dan tersedia dengan berbagai alternatif pembayaran. Kalau ada 1 hal yg menurut saya kurang, mungkin hanya saran agar pembayaran dengan mobile banking atau internet banking bisa 24 jam juga sehingga apabila ingin membeli tiket tengah malam tidak harus keluar rumah mencari ATM. Terima kasih

  • wardi efendi
    1 review
    Reviewed on: 11 Jun, 2015

    "Cara pembayaran cicilan yang membingungkan"

    Saya melakukan order blackberry z10 putih smartphone seharga:rp.2,445,000 dengan no pesanan:4010101 pada tanggal 10 juni 2015 saya memilih metode pembayaran cicilan 0% dengan menggunakan cc bank BRI,setelah selesai melakukan pembayaran saya di alihkan ke halaman terima kasih,di situ saya lihat status pesanan menunggu pembayaran. padahal saya sudah melakukan pembayaran

  • fernando
    1 review
    Reviewed on: 09 May, 2014

    "Desainnya bagus dan menarik"

    Saya tahu Traveloka sudah dari tahun lalu, tapi baru beli tiket kemarin. Yang saya suka adalah tampilannya yg menarik dan mudah dipakai. Akhirnya dapatlah tiket pulkam lebaran dengan harga yg OK. Trims juga untuk testimoni dari Trustedcompany sehingga saya yakin beli dari Traveloka. Layanan ini sangat berguna untuk pembeli online seperti saya.

  • Malini Manuel
    1 review
    Reviewed on: 13 Apr, 2015

    "reasonable pricing and reliable but dont know its fake."

    However, i think the longchamp sling bags tht i purchased was a high end fake. I have gone to the boitique and compared the quality and i realise tht its a fake. never can imagine that i was cheated. Yes pricing was really a good bargain but dont sell at a discounted price and in return give us a fake Item. I would like a refund and i hope u will look into it soonest

    1 review
    Reviewed on: 10 Jun, 2015

    "Excelente compra"

    Há algum tempo, não muito, a Enjoy me conquistou com suas roupas de estilo único e modelagem perfeita. As roupas tem um caimento excepcional no corpo. As vezes deixa a desejar um pouco no preço. Tenho muito a elogiar as meninas da loja do Brasilia Shopping, Shirley e Kelry. São maravilhosas e fazem de tudo para agradar. No mais, estão de parabéns.

  • Aaditya Saxena
    1 review
    Reviewed on: 04 May, 2015

    "I had doubts with but you guys are excellent !"

    I was looking for a website for buy something unique to gift to my wife but most of the sites are poorly design and way too expensive.. but Thats Personal not only have an amazing collection but also at better Price :) Pros : Wonderful Website Design Good Collection Price ranges are good too! Cons : ...none Suggestion : Add more Stuff ;)

  • selma FREIRE LOPES
    1 review
    Reviewed on: 22 May, 2015

    "comprar na Shoulder é seguro e a entrega é efetuada no prazo."

    Já fiz varias compras na Shoulder e até hoje não tive nenhuma surpresa desagradável, a entrega é efetuada no prazo previsto, quase sempre antes do prazo estipulado, é seguro e fico tranquila pois sei que a minhas roupas estão a caminho e logo logo chegarão. A única coisa que poderia ser pensado para facilitar é a troca na loja física de produtos em promoção. Selma Maia

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